This is entertainment

This is entertainment

This is entertainment! This has been our drive since Highlite began. Catering to the needs of the entertainment industry to make each show, each event into long lasting memories. Providing lighting, audio and visual solutions with the sole purpose to entertain you. In this special Prolight & Sound 2019 Backstage edition we will show you what it takes to turn ideas into actual entertainment.  Let us take you backstage and follow the process of designing, preparing, programming, arranging and building the booth for the greatest platform in the business: Prolight & Sound. Each year around the beginning of April Frankfurt invites the entire entertainment industry to the Prolight & Sound event. Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of customers and visitors come to see the latest developments in the entertainment field. This is the story of our booth.

Video by: Kent Media Group for BPM - The Show for DJs

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