This is preparation
This is preparation

The preparation for Prolight & Sound begins months before the actual event. Our own event-team contacts Designmine, the company which is responsible for the design and outline of our booth. During the design-phase they have to take into account the various products we would like to introduce, the accessibility and overall visibility of the booth and where the very important hospitality-area is going to be.

After the booth has been designed phase 2 kicks in. The light designer comes into play and starts making his lighting plan. How many and which fixtures are needed and where are they going into the booth. Visuals for the LED screens are prepared, programming of the fixtures starts and the item-list is being filled.

PD Trans is responsible for the transportation of the entire booth, equipment, trussing and accessories. All the necessary materials are packed and prepared in flightcases and meat racks beforehand for easy shipping and handling. They need nine full trailers to get all the equipment,  trusses, stand materials and Highlite products to Frankfurt.

Once there, a team of 12 people build the entire booth of 360m2 in 6 days’ time (trivia, the same team of 12 needs 3 days to break down the stand and fill the 9 trailers). Within these 6 days they will have processed almost 400mtr of truss, about 3km of cable, countless visible ánd invisible fixtures, 40 manual and electrical chain hoists and 120 different LED screens.

All this for 4 days of Prolight & Sound but it is worth it, every time.

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Design by: T.Y.S. Productions
Programming by: Black Out Lighting