This is Prolight & Sound 2019
This is Prolight & Sound 2019

And after months of preparation, planning and designing, building and programming we are ready to shine for 4 days in a row. With a show written specifically for this event, incorporating almost every fixture, LED strip, installed speaker and LED screen, with visuals recorded and programmed just for Prolight & Sound. With our renowned hospitality-area serving the legendary bitterballs because each good talk deserves good food and drinks. After unloading three full trailers, constructing 400mtr of truss and installing every single unit in a 360m2 space by a team of 12 colleagues, the Highlite booth is ready. Ready to welcome you with the hospitality you deserve and which you are accustomed to, ready to present and demonstrate our latest developments and more than ready to show you what we are all about: This is entertainment! And this is what it looked like….

This is Entertainment
This is Preparation
This is what you don't expect