This is what you don't expect

This is what you don't expect

When you look at the booth, there is a lot going on. About 30 different kinds of fixtures from Showtec, Infinity, Furion and Signature are being used in various numbers for the show around the entire booth. All the new developed products are being showcased prominently and the entire setup is built just for one purpose: to show you “This is entertainment!”

But evenly important are the things which are not immediately visible. For instance 120mtr of Havana ribbon RGB LED strip, placed all around the product stands and programmed into the entire entertainment-show. The Showtec TR-512 wall panels, specifically programmed for each fixture demonstration to make checking their features more easy. Or the LED screens in different pixel-pitches which have been integrated all around the booth as actual banners instead of simply putting up a massive LED wall.

What you also might not notice at first glance but what is equally important, are the people. Every day you will find an average of about 50 Highlite staff members at our booth. From sales, export, management, purchase, sales representatives from all over Europe, even Russia and New Zealand, marketing, technical staff and our hospitality-team. All there to make you feel at home, inform you in the process and let you experience what we are all about: This is entertainment!

This is Entertainment
This is Preparation
This is Prolight & Sound


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