Highlite presents
Highlite presents "Entropy"

"Entropy, a journey from chaos to Equilibrium". That is the name of the new showroom spectacle created by our light designer team.

The new show incorporates every entertainment aspect Highlite stands for. More than 650 moving heads and light fixtures from Infinity and Showtec, effect machines from Showtec and Antari, DMT LED Screens, DAP Audio equipment and Odin line array speakers have been combined into one overwhelming visual journey.

"Entropy" shows what happens when creation turns into reality. The setup in the showroom incorporates 120 Infinity Furion Moving heads with Spots, Washes and 28 Infinity B401 Beams. More than 300 different Showtec fixtures, various effect units, strobes and 20 versatile Illumilift units with some very special features add another dimension to the entire show, literally. For the visual part DMT came into play with total of nearly 160 LED Screens in different formations. DAP Audio's Odin Line array system, combined with the Xi-speaker range makes sure that the journey from Entropy to Equilibrium is not only heard but felt as well.

Experience the journey yourself!