Chimp 100.G2 on tour in Greece
Chimp 100.G2 on tour in Greece

The owner of our Greek distributor Sivko Group, Mr. Poulis Kostas, recently purchased the Infinity Chimp 100.G2 Tourpack. To the ready-to-go light controller set he added the Chimp Bananawing and a second touchscreen. Since then the Sikvo Group has been putting the system to good use. Here is his comment:

"The chimp was used in 2 live events during the past weekend. In one of the events more than 80 moving heads and lighting fixtures were installed. The light designer was surprised about how easy the programming was, about the intelligent design of the console and about the flexibility in the environment of how the user needs it to be.
The whole night the console ran fast and smoothly and the feedback from the people that saw the new and updated tourpack was only positive!!"

And this is what it looked like: