Motel Mozaique 2019 sets the stage with Infinity Furion S601
Motel Mozaique 2019 sets the stage with Infinity Furion S601

Motel Mozaique is a music and art festival held annually in the city of Rotterdam. It originated in 2001, as part of Rotterdam, Cultural Capital of Europe. For 18 years, the festival has called attention to the best in independent music and performance art , as well as to the beauty, diversity and hospitality of Rotterdam itself.

Spread all over the city, permanent and temporary stages offer large and diverse audience performances in avant-garde music, theatre, dance, poetry and more.

The heart of the festival is Theaters Rotterdam, where the Schouwburg houses several stages, both in their regular theatre spaces and in the foyers and adjacent rooms.

This year, the Grote Zaal of the Schouwburg was illuminated by Infinity's new Furion S601 Profile fixture.

Erik Steijvers has been the lighting designer for the Grote Zaal for 10 editions of Motel Mozaique running.

“When I did my first edition of Motel Mozaique, I was called in late into pre-production, so it was a bit of a rush job, and I went with a fairly basic rock 'n roll design. While that worked out fine, I was acutely aware of what Motel Mozaique was at that point, and what it was becoming. The next year, I started experimenting with less obvious fixtures, and making more and more use of the house fly-system, to get both more flexibility in the design and more dynamic in the performances. Fortunately, the crew of the Schouwburg are always on-board for my ideas for the festival: they make my work a lot better with their enthusiasm, know-how and can-do attitude. I honestly couldn't do the festival half as well without them.”

On selecting the Furion S601, Steijvers remarks:

“No matter how “arty” we might want MoMo to look, we need to always look carefully at the wishes and demands of the artists performing on our stages. A lot of these acts have given a lot of thought to their show, so you need to take that into account, but you still have to design a rig that will work for all of them. That means you need a lot of bright, reliable, very versatile fixtures, that can adapt to any need. The Furion S601 is exactly that. It's as fully featured as you can hope for, in a package that's not too big, not too heavy, but still very powerful.”

Having tested the Furion S601 fixtures extensively, Steijvers had no reservations in spec'ing them for the festival.

“I've had the opportunity to put the S601 through its paces next to more traditional arc-source spots, in a proper venue and at a realistic trim height, and I was very impressed. The 600W LED source holds up very well, outperforming arc fixtures of a much higher draw in most applications. Besides being powerful, the Furion is very well-stocked with features. The colour system is very good, with a very smooth CMY and linear CTO. Both gobo wheels can index and rotate, but still snap from one to the other quickly, and the animator is excellent. The optics are top notch, with a large zoom range and crisp focus on pretty much all the elements. And this year, several visiting LD's needed framing shutters in the spots, so that made the S601 a great fit.”

How did the Furion S601 perform?

“I couldn't be happier with the way the Furions performed. They cut through a rig that had quite a lot of additional light in it: conventional fresnels and profiles, a whole bunch of open-white PAR64's, a lot of LED-washlights and strobes, as well a front-view projector used by several acts. So there was a lot of noise in the air, but the Furion always punched right through.

Motel Mozaique has fairly generous change-over times, so I can usually take the time to make a couple of specific looks for acts that don't bring an LD, and visiting LD's can also spend a little more time on their looks compared to other festivals. That gave all of us the opportunity to explore the fixture's functions. So we got to use the features pretty broadly. We had several S601's as front-/key-lighting, as well, to do front-lighting in different colours and textures, as well as specials. They came through in every aspect. I got to do everything I had in mind and more, and our guest LD's were all impressed with the fixture. I will definitely use them again as the workhorse of a design.”