"Clearlight Shows" Infinity distributor

Highlite International is proud and excited to announce a new partnership with Clearlight Shows Australia to act as Infinity Intellignet Light Solutions distributor for the Australian market. October 1st was the official starting date for the partnership. From that date onward Clearlight Shows will not only arrange sales for Infinity but will make the units available for hire as well.

Clearlight Shows Pty LTD is well known for being a one stop theatrical lighting shop. They have a well equipped showroom, a dedicated training facility and they share a wealth of practical experience. To introduce Infinity to the Australian market they are planning one-on-one demos, shoot-outs and events. With the Infinity Signature range, consisting of perfectly calibrated LED based theatre luminaires, the powerful and versatile Infinity Furion Moving heads and the Next Generation Infinity Chimp G2 light controllers Clearlight Shows has expanded their current product range extensively.