André Rieu surprises with Antari M1
André Rieu surprises with Antari M1
André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra are truly a worldwide musical phenomenon. Presenting classical music in a very accessible way, playing and participating with the audience and working with famous artists every time. In other words, making sure that everybody, on stage and in the audience, will have a good time. 
They always come up with new ideas to add an element of surprise to their performance. Their latest trick involves a carillon, a xylophone and 2 Antari M1 mobile foggers with remote control. Mr. Frank Steijns who plays the carillon and Mr. Marcel Falixe playing the xylophone battle it out during the song "Circus Renz" to see who can play the fastest. They move so quickly on their instruments that both units almost seem to catch fire. And that is where the Antari M1 comes into play. Mr. Richard Bovee, André Rieu's production manager, and his technical team made sure that the M1-units  were cleverly hidden. Built directly into the instruments and controllable via the dedicated remote control the Antari M1 delivered the required smoke-effect every time and on cue.
When the available space is an issue, the Antari M1 mobile fogger offers the solution. The small size of the M1, the built-in 12V DC battery and the wireless remote control turn this small smoke machine into the perfect special effects prop.  André Rieu and his team had an idea to add something extra to their performance and Antari offered the right tool for the job.
Check out the video of the effect right here:
Photo provided by Frank Steijns