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Welcome to "Bruis"-festival!

The city of Maastricht (NL) has a lot to offer in the field of culture and entertainment. Since 2008 it has its own festival named "Bruis". This festival offers a lot of different bands and performers during a three-day event which can be visited free of charge. The name "Bruis" literally means "Sparkle" or "Fizzle" and that is eactly what it is.

"Bruis" contacted our customer Demo Productions to arrange lighting at various locations around the festival-site. To make all this happen Demo not only used a lot of Showtec and Infinity fixtures but also 24 Lodestar electrical chainhoists. These were controlled via 3 Showtec Motor control units. Demo brought in the 24 units of the Infinity iB-2R, 28 Infinity iB-715 and a total of 36 Infinity iW-1915 with iW-1915P. Showtec was also represented very wll with 118 Spectral M800 units, 14 4- way Stage blinders and 24 powerful Helix S5000 luminaires. To control the fixtures at Stage C Demo used the Infinity Chimp 300 light controller. Photographer Harry Heuts took the following pictures