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Helix enlightens Chirk Canal aqueduct

Helix enlightens Chirk Canal aqueduct

In 2009 the 11 mile stretch of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal won the UNESCO World Heritage Status. Situated on the border between England and Wales is the Chirk Canal Aqueduct & Railway viaduct which is a part of the entire route. This aqueduct was finished in 1801 and has been an important landmark and way of transportation for the region ever since. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site the Welsh Canal & River Trust wanted to do something special.

Our customer Enlightened Lighting was commissioned through winning a competitive tender process put forward by those leading the project: The Glandŵr Cymru, The Canal & River Trust in Wales on behalf of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct & Canal World Heritage Site Partnership. The project formed an exciting challenge for Enlightened Lighting and for their light designer, mr. Ben Dodds. He incorporated 36 units of the Showtec Helix S5000 into the setup and this is the reason why: "Enlightened’s continued investment in pro equipment such as the Helix S5000 Q4s enabled the team to fully realise their design at Chirk Aqueduct. The team chose the Helix’s because of their high brightness, ease of changing lenses and the range of beam shaping accessories that they come with out of the box. Some of the arches are almost 30m tall, so it was vital to have a fixture that’s bright enough, had the right lens choices and that could withstand the damp & muddy conditions on site."

Mr. Dodds decision to use the Helix S5000 fixtures was a perfect one. Every evening from 7.30PM -9.30PM between 7 October and 27 October the stunning effect of 36 powerful fixtures can be witnessed on and around the 200 year old World Heritage Site.

 Photo's by Mr. Andrew Gale


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