Infinity and Showtec shine during Pinkpop 2019
Infinity and Showtec shine during Pinkpop 2019

The Dutch pop festival Pinkpop celebrated its 50th birthday in style. Four different stages were home to more than 55 different live acts. World-famous bands like Fleetwood Mac, the Cure, Mumford & Sons and DJ Armin van Buuren took to the stage and gave the audience exactly what they were hoping for, three days of festival-joy. But the party didn’t stop after the performances on the festival site. Around the Pinkpop-grounds a number of camp-sites have been arranged and there, the party went on and on.

TYS Productions and Reflexion were responsible for arranging the light-show at camp-site B. Mr. Lars Aarts from TYS and Mr. Schreurs from Reflexion used a lot of Infinity Furion S601 500W LED Profile moving heads, Infinity’s Osram-powered iW-1240 washlights and 64 units of the Showtec Sunstrip Active DMX to arrange an awesome show. 

16x Infinity - Furion S601
12x Infinity - iW 1240
64x Showtec - Sunstrip active DMX

This is what it looked like….