Phantom and Furion “Lost in music”
Phantom and Furion “Lost in music”

Saturday 11 May Discogs presented “Crate Diggers” at the Brighton Centre in Brighton. Like it says on their website: “Crate Diggers is the world’s largest international series of music festivals dedicated to promoting vinyl, collectability and physical music.” A vinyl-records event with a lot of exhibitors and even more visitors. Besides countless albums, singles and maxi-singles “Crate Diggers” also presented a great live line-up. Headliner this year was Sister Sledge who gave a magnificent show. James Tomlinson Lighting was asked to arrange the lighting for the live stage. He used a lot of Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid and Infinity Furion S-601 fixtures and asked light designer Mr. John Richardson to design and program the show. This is what Mr. Richardson had to say about his experience with the Infinity Furion S-601: “The units seem well made with nice materials, the menu system was easy to navigate with both touch screen and a handy jog wheel. The 500w white LED engine seems nice and uniform and fairly punchy although does lack slightly when coming up against saturated colours, heavy gobos and prisms. Which to be honest is expected.

The gobo wheels are nicely laid out with some great stock images both glass and metal with some beam reducers. An added animation wheel is a bonus too. Coming to that, the added bonus of an iris is great along with a feature packed profile shutter system. This is by far the unit’s best selling point. A fully working ‘quick’ 4 blade, dual axis rotating system that can be used as a profile for stage work or for fun mid- air effects.

This is a feature packed unit that for its price sits fairly well in the market, although competing with the Robe BMFL Blade, Martin Viper Profile and the Clay Paky  Scenius profile all of which are discharge lamps, this could be the sensible eco choice. All in all I was impressed with the amount of features this unit has. Good optics, a great zoom range, a nice LED engine CT of 7500k, which sits nicely in the middle, and is variable using the in-built CTO filter.  A good quality CMY mixing unit with smooth transitions, and a colour wheel to fill any gaps. A great gobo and effects system with that quick shutter system adding to a nice all round unit.”

Mr. James Tomlinson, owner of “James Tomlinson Lighting” added the following comment about the Phantom 3R Hybrid units: "Showtec products have always delivered in every aspect for us so when we were looking to add hybrid units to our stock it was the first place to look.  The Phantom 3R hybrid is exactly what we needed and seeing them in use on the first gig was further confirmation of a great investment." Mr. Tomlinson purchased his Phantom 3R Hybrids through our Brighton-based customer MBI Sound and Lighting.