Festival essentials: Truss Specials

Festival essentials: Truss Specials

Sometimes you need special solutions to get the light setup like you want it to. Especially for this reason Showtec offers a wide range of truss specials from insert rings to top rings, downriggers and drop arms in various sizes and single tubes from 50cm to 300cm and available in alu or powder coated black. New to the truss specials are the "Moustache" and the "Fix Clamp". With the "Moustache" you can attach a single tube to a regular truss very fast and very precise. Add the "Fix clamp" and you will have made sure that the single tube cannot pivot. Combining the "Moustache" and the "Fix clamp" to your rig is a massive time-saver.

Showtec offers 3 different coupling systems.

  1. F-truss compatible with Prolyte systems (Ø 27.8mm)
  2. G-truss compatible with Global & Euro systems (Ø 29.0mm)
  3. P-truss compatible with standard Milos truss systems (Ø 29.8mm)


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