Old school meets new school!
Old school meets new school!

Showtec presents three traditional Par 64 parcans with the look and feel of an actual retro halogen fixture but all based around the latest LED technology. Two versions are equipped with bright white  80W Citizin LEDs, one version as 3200K and one as 5600K. Both can produce the actual halogen dimming effect to give you the genuine retro look and feel. With the manual zoom you can always point the beam in the right direction. And by using the additional filter frame diffusion filters and colour gels can be added. The third Par 64 is equipped with a Q4 120W Prolight Opto LED module. This RGBA LED module can create a wide variety of colours and with the additional Amber it is possible to create warm colours and perfect skin tones. Manual zoom has been integrated here as well, creating a nice tight 12° beam angle up to a nice flood of 35°. Old school meets new school with Showtec’s Par 64 cans.

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SHOWTEC PAR 64 LED 120Z Q4 - 42540

SHOWTEC PAR 65 LED 100Z 3200K - 42530

SHOWTEC PAR 64 LED 100Z 5600K - 42531