Oppenheim shows its colours
Oppenheim shows its colours

The company Aurora Eventtechnik from Ludwigshöhe was responsible for the overall design of the ‘Oppenheim wird bunt’ light-art event. They used six Showtec 3R Hybrid Moving Heads, and the whole thing was controlled with an Infinity Chimp 300.

Managing Director Jan Römer had this to say about why he chose Showtec and Infinity: ‘For a long time, we were looking for a decent Hybrid Moving Head that functions both as a powerful beam and a good-quality spot. The Showtec 3R is the ideal lamp for our needs. It has a comparatively low power consumption but can also hold its own in medium-sized halls. Compared with similar products, it really looks the part. If you're purchasing in this price class, you don't expect a minimal hotspot and a very even light. We also like to use the hybrid at gala events because it's particularly quiet.
We’re absolutely satisfied with the hybrids and will certainly add more to our inventory.

Our decision to purchase the Infinity Chimp 300 was made very early on. At the beginning, the console only had the beta version installed. The console runs quite smoothly and is an absolute winner when it comes to the performance you get for your money. We'd absolutely recommend this console for medium-sized jobs. It can be programmed especially quickly, and there are regular new updates that are actually useful!’

We didn't want to deprive you of such a convincing review.