Let's get Dizzy!

Let's get Dizzy!

And here it is, the latest member of the Showtec Club Par family: the Club Par Dizzy 3/8. A compact but fully packed 4-in-1 multi effect fixture, ideal for deejays, mobile events and fixed installations. The Club Par Dizzy 3/8 houses an RGB wash effect, generates a UV effect, packs various LED patterns and even presents an awesome strobe. All this comes from 27pcs 0.5W cool white LEDs, 3pcs 8W 4-in-1 RGB+UV LEDs and 18pcs 0.5W RGB LEDs. The big advantage of the Showtec Club Par 3/8 is that all the LEDs have been grouped into different sections. Each section can be controlled and programmed separately. Various control modes and built-in programs turn this little effect giant into a formidable plug-and-play, ready-to-use effect.

Simply connect it and let’s get Dizzy!


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