Mood lights

Creating a certain atmosphere or setting a mood using light equipment can be quite a challenge. The introduction of very small RGBW LED lights made things a lot easier though. Regardless if you’re enjoying a meal in your favorite restaurant, browsing the latest fashion releases in that expensive store or just order a drink at the bar next door; chances are that mood lights are all around you. Of course there are floor lights that create a calm and relaxed atmosphere but, less visible, are the LED strips that make all the difference. A wide range of different colors can be used to create just that special mood. Artecta is well known as a supplier of LED strips for every application. The colorful Strip light Flex ribbons and the bright white Strip light Strings are professional LED strips that can be installed in any venue and by using the right mood light accessories like cover strips, profiles or aluminium corners, also the finish will look great. In case you want to control the LED strips via DMX, you should take a look at the options of the Strip light Rigid that offer a lot of possibilities in that area.