Power Distribution


Proper power distribution is essential for all electrically controlled devices. Creating a safe and reliable power network can be complicated when many fixtures, speakers, instruments and controllers need to be connected to a single power supply. Various solutions may be required for this. Consider, for example, power distributors, power splitters, power multi cables and breakout boxes. At Highlite we offer you the right power distribution tools for fixed installations and touring. We can also provide excellent advice in this area based on our many years of experience and knowledge.

DAP and Showgear are strong Highlite brands. Together with other brands that we also offer, we can offer a complete power supply solution for connecting, controlling and extending electrical power between 110 V, 240 V and high voltage 400 V. We have several connectors, extension cords and socket boxes available in different lengths, types and sizes.

Are you looking for a reliable and sustainable power distribution? Search no further! Contact us now for advice–no strings attached–and receive an offer you cannot refuse. Or check our product pages to search for more information and find a dealer near you.