Flood Lights


A floodlight comes into play when a scene, object or location needs to be beautifully illuminated. Showtec has professional solutions for lighting from large indoor events, such as car shows and theme parks to small studio and video applications, such as vlogs, webinars and TV shows. In addition to our daylight white LED models, we also have coloured floodlight solutions, such as a beautiful bright multi-colour matrix solution for great pattern effects.

The output of our Showtec Solar FL series can be shaped and distributed as required thanks to the many optional accessories. The Media Panels already come with a special barndoor, but can be expanded with a battery holder for mobile use.

Are you looking for a floodlight that is suitable for your application? Contact us now for advice–no strings attached–and receive an offer you cannot refuse. Or view our product pages to find out more and find a Highlite dealer near you.