The simplest and best way to install spots, moving heads, special effects or even complete line-array systems are at the well-known truss constructions. They are used in almost every venue and on all festival or fixed stages. The number of forms and shapes you will see are virtually limitless and at Highlite we make sure that you will be able to design and build trusses for any occasion.

For showrooms and decorative solutions you are probably interested in single tube, deco triangle, deco square or the beautiful nano truss options. Also the Pro-30 step truss series will allow you to create a solid but still very stylish setup. For specific design concepts the truss furniture section contains some great items.

For professional, heavy-duty truss constructions to which you want to install a ton of effect lights the Pro-30 Triangle, Pro30 Square and Pro-30 Circles are the series you are looking for. Anything from straights up to 5 meter in length to circle or 120 degree corners and 4-way crosses, it is all in there. Goes without saying that a whole array of truss connectors, adapters, spigots, spacers, etc. are available as well in the truss accessories section.