Welcome to Highlite.com!

We have been working hard to optimize our new website. We had to be sure that your visit to our site would be flawless and it took some time but it was definitely worth the wait. More product information, better accessibility, optimized for various platforms, real-time stock information and online track & trace to keep you updated on every aspect of your order and delivery.

Responsive design

www.highlite.com has been optimized for all kinds of applications like desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile or netbook. You can visit our website through various media and always have a clear overview.

Search engine

www.highlite.com has been equipped with a new search engine with which you can scout our entire product-range, based on order-code, product description or even partial info.

Track & trace

Keep updated on the whereabouts of your delivery via our track & trace system. Via your account-number, “Customer shipments” and forwarder’s information, you will have access to the tracking-number for your shipment.


Contact our Support team for any question you might have on products, shipments or billing. Simply click on the “Get in touch” button for any inquiry you might have or contact Support via your personal Highlite-account.


Easy access to your Highlite account where you can browse through your complete order-history with invoices, credit-notes and shipments, each file available to be downloaded as PDF-file.