Digital Processing
Digital Loudspeaker Management System
The DLM-26 has excellent technical specifications. It provides in- and output gain and many other useful functions. It also has an excellent price / quality relation.
  • 2 inputs 6 outputs
  • Bessel, Butterworth, & Linkwitz-Riley filters
  • Max 60 EQ filters
  • Dynamic range > 112dB
R.R.P. € 755.00 Subtotal ex. vat


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Input Section
Input Impedance: 10 kilo-Ohm,
electronically balanced
Maximum Input Level: +20 dBu
Input Gain: +/-15 dB variable
in 0.1 dB steps
CMRR: Better than 50 dB
(30 Hz - 20 kHz)
Input Connector: XLR-3F or equivalent

Output Section
Output Impedance: <50 Ohm,
electronically balanced
Maximum Output Level: +20 dBu into
600 Ohm or more
Output Gain: +/- 21 dB, variable
in 0.1 dB steps
Output Connector: XLR-3M or equivalent
Transformer Balancing

Crossover Filter
Slopes: 6, 12, 18, 24, or
48 dB per octave
(depends on Filter type)
Type: Bessel, Butterworth,
or Linkwitz-Riley

Delay Step: 21 us
Max. Delay time: 630 ms

EQ / Max. no. of EQ filter: 60 (depending on
crossover slopes)
EQ Type: Parametric, Bell or shelving
on any filter. Nine filters
assigned to Dynamic EQ.
EQ Gain: +/-15 dB, variable
in 0.2 dB steps
Q (bandwidth): 0.05 to 3 octaves,
variable in 0.05 steps
EQ freq.: 15 Hz to 20 kHz
Dynamic Slope: 2:1 to 20:1
(dynamic EQ's only)
General Performance with filters out
Freq. response: 15 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 0.25 dB
15 Hz - 40 kHz, +/- 3 dB
Dynamic Range: >112 dB unweighted
22 Hz to 22 kHz, >117 dB
on AES/EBU input
Channel Separation: >80 dB, 30 Hz to 20 kHz
Distortion (THD): <0.005%, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
at +10 dBu output
Input Metering: -20 dB, -12 dB, -6 dB,
-3 dB, CLIP relative
to Clip point
(+20 dBu)
Output Meter Indication: SIG (-40 dB), -20 dB,
-12 dB, -6 dB, -3 dB,
0 dB, OVER (+6 dB)
relative to limiter
threshold setting
AC Power: 90V-250V 50/60 Hz
Fuse: T 1A
Dimensions: 483 x 225 x 45 mm
Weight: 2,38 kg


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