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Designing and developing LED-based theatre fixtures which would complement or even replace conventional Tungsten luminaires has always been a challenge. With Robert Juliat's knowhow and experience, Infinity had the opportunity to engineer and build the Infinity Signature Series. A range of theatre fixtures with state-of-the-art technology, seven colour LED engines, perfect Tungsten simulation modes, flicker free crossfades, unique dimming software, and energy efficient designs makes them the perfect LED-based luminaires that make no concessions when it comes to quality of light.

Signature Series Spirit of RJ – The collaboration


LED Profile engine with custom designed Lumiled source.
Available models:

7 COLOUR 3200K 5600K


LED Fresnel with custom designed Lumiled source.
Available models:

7 COLOUR 3200K 5600K


The Infinity Signature intelligent theatre luminaires are equipped with 16-bit internal dimming which ensures smooth dimming. If a DMX controller operates at 8-bit, the fixtures are smart enough to interpolate between the 8-bit source and the 16-bit internal dimmer and create dimming without any visible steps. The second important feature, especially for television applications and camera-purposes in general, is the adjustable PWM in steps of 10Hz: a tool that eliminates rolling shutter and is flicker free under any circumstances.

Dimming PWM Settings


To make sure that the output and the brightness remain steady and to guarantee that they stay the same between different production-runs, the Infinity Signature Series have various calibration systems on-board. One such system is Linearity calibration for differences in the electronics, which makes sure that the output and the colour temperature remain constant. Another system is Temperature drift, which compensates for the changes in brightness and wave length of the LEDs as the temperature of the LED changes. The final example of a calibration system is Optics Colour Shift compensation, which takes into account any differences in colour rendering.



The Colour Rendering Index or CRI puts a value on the quality of light, with a CRI of 100 representing the index for perfect light. The higher the CRI value, the higher the light source's ability to show object colours realistically. This is a particularly important characteristic in theatrical and TV applications. The CRI index for the Infinity Signature fixtures starts at 95. For the coloured theatre engines, the CRI index is guaranteed to be higher than 96, even over the entire CCT range.


The Infinity Signature Series is well equipped to be used in television-studios, because of the adjustable PWM modulation to avoid rolling shutter and because they are extremely quiet. These fixtures must provide steady, consistent, and reliable light output. Their effect needs to be seen but not heard. That is why the Infinity Signature luminaires are equipped with a sophisticated cooling system, offering three operational modes: Auto, Silent, and Full. Based on where the fixtures are and what they are used for, one of these three options can be chosen for the ideal performance.



To ensure the Signature engines provides perfect output, lenses are needed. Both standard and High Definition-lenses are available. If a lighting situation requires more precise optics for projecting images or gobos or you simply need

an extremely well-defined beam, then the HD-lens comes into play. All Signature engines are compatible with ETC-lenses and with most of the regular lenses that are available. Another practical tool is the Selecon optics lens adapter, specifically for SPX and Pacific, with which the Selecon lenses can be attached to the Signature bodies.


Infinity Signature fixtures are equipped with a useful feature, the Focus Mode. Pressing and holding the Home button for two seconds will trigger a 100% full output at open white. This enables focusing of the fixture and adjusting the lamp without the need for any control system while being in the rig.

Focus Mode


The Infinity Signature theatre spots are user-friendly and easy to operate. All measurements and calculations are integrated into each unit. Even with a basic 8-bit fader desk, a smooth step-less dimming is possible. All calibration systems to ensure a steady output and a constant colour are on-board and the 64 spectrum-matching colour-gels are available as well (seven-colour Light source only). There is no need for an expensive light console to get the best possible result. All functionalities and settings can be set from your desk because all Signature fixtures are RDM-protocol equipped. This RDM protocol gives you the possibility to set modes or start addresses and identify and read out temperatures.


For the Infinity Signature colour fixtures, a seven-colour LED engine using 96 Luxeon Lumileds has been selected. With these seven colours, a full spectrum of light is provided which resembles a natural looking light source. This, in combination with intelligence inside, guarantees a CRI Index for the entire CCT range higher than 96. With the various control modes like RGB, CMY, or HSI, creating the right colour for every venue or situation is much easier. The seven-colour LED engine offers a very flexible colour range which provides a perfect and complete palette to choose the precise tone to set the right mood.

Seven-colour light source


Working with a seven-colour LED engine can present many challenges. Infinity Signature is prepared accordingly. Finding and controlling the right colours for your event is much easier with Signature Series. Especially with the ten-channel DMX-Pro modes which are already predefined for RGB, CMY or HSI-users. With these three parameters, either RGB, HSI, or CMY, the fixture itself creates the best mix out of the seven available colours to obtain the highest possible colour quality.

Working besides conventional fixtures is no issue due to the extensively calibrated Tungsten-modes. The one-channel DMX-mode transforms the Signature fixture in a conventional Tungsten unit with the required filter-gel in an instant. Simply choose the desired colour manually out of the 64 spectrum matching colours and use a single channel for dimming.

DMX Modes 1 Channel DMX Mode


The Infinity Signature colour fixture is equipped with a virtual colour wheel. This colour wheel provides 64 of the most commonly used theatrical filter-gels. By measuring the original LEE-filters in front of a 3200K tungsten source, they become spectrum-matching colours instead of just colour presets. The Infinity Signature TS-260C7 offers two modes: Basic and Pro Mode. Regardless of which mode you select, the colour is consistent no matter the intensity output. In the Tungsten Mode, it simulates colour drift and timing based on the selected Tungsten light source (575W, 750W, 1000W, or 2000W) on top of the spectrum matching colour gel. The Signature Series offers the option of choosing between the feel of the conventional Tungsten-drift or leaving it out.

64 Spectrum-matching colour gels


Infinity has gone to great lengths to make sure that the seven-colour sourced Signature fixtures will be a perfect replacement for conventional Tungsten fixtures. That is why every individual dimming level of four Tungsten sources 575W, 750W, 1000W, and 2000W have been measured with a spectrometer. Tag and release time, colour temperature drift, brightness of the four Tungsten sources, every aspect has been measured and entered into the fixture. All this effort ensures that the LED-based units will behave exactly like conventional fixtures, thus making them the ideal substitute.

Tungsten simulation


The Signature Series offers two CRI modes: High CRI and High Output. If the lighting on an object or person must be as natural as possible, then the best possible light quality (known as a high CRI value) is needed. High CRI mode guarantees a CRI-value of more than 96 across the entire CCT-range. High Output mode allows the fixture to power all colours while placing less emphasis on perfect CRI, resulting in more output power.

High CRI vs high output

The Infinity Signature Series is distributed exclusively by Highlite International BV with retail through dedicated installation partners. If you are already one of our partners and would like to request an onsite demo, more information or a bespoke offer, then please add your customer-number below. In case you are looking to become one of our partners, then please add your company info in the message-field and we will contact you accordingly.