Different methods of covering certain areas of the venues and stages are in use. Being it for masking that ugly wall behind the stage with a simple black or colorful backdrop or taking away the eye from the truss construction with nice stretch deco textiles, Showtec offers a solution to every challenge you might face. For fixed backdrop or curtain installations, Showtec Eurotrack offers a series of simple but very handy fixing solutions. And if a plain cover up doesn't do justice to the show, you may also consider using special LED Drapes that allow you to create awesome background effects. At Highlite we realize that stages are an important part of the show but we are also aware of the fact that other parts of the music venue, theater or conference center need to be shaped and decorated nicely as well. Showtec pipe & drape is an extremely versatile and user-friendly system that enables you to do just that. Seamless connections, telescopic uprights, stable, strong and easy to move around make this the system of your choice!