Kingsnight 2018 meets Odin
Kingsnight 2018 meets Odin

Year: 2018

Location: Heerlen

Production/Rental: Mocon Showtechniek

During this year’s Kings night and Kings day events in the city of Heerlen, the Netherlands, our long-term and Dutch-based partner Mocon Showtechniek  (the first company in the Netherlands to seriously invest in our Odin Line-Array system ) created an impressive setup of Odin Line Array satellites and subwoofers and gave away a massive performance.

With a total of 20 T-8A satellites and 20 S-18A end fire subwoofers Odin proved once again that it can deliver big time in supporting various bands, deejays and performers during this two-day event.

The entire system had no problems whatsoever in presenting clear, clean sounds to the large audience. And to top everything off, some Infinity iB-2R moving heads added that little bit extra to the complete setup.