Consumabili per effetti


FX consumables such as liquids, odours and confetti bring your FX hardware to life. We make sure that our FX consumables go smoothly with our FX hardware. They are therefore all very reliable and safe to use at any location.

At Highlite you have the option to choose FX consumables from Showgear or Antari. They can both be used for a wide variety of applications. For example, liquids are available for creating mist, foam, air bubbles and snow in different scents, sizes and types (concentrated or ready-to-use).

Confetti can be fired both manually and electrically. Handheld confetti cannons can be used manually by making a circular motion with your hands. Electric confetti cannons can be fired by using an FX gun or FX shot. Confetti bags can be used in conjunction with an FX blaster or as a spreading material.

Are you looking for Showtec or Antari FX consumables? Contact us now for advice–no strings attached–and receive an offer you cannot refuse. Or check our product pages for more information and find a dealer near you.