Strisce Led


Do you want to make your company stand out and leave your visitors a stylish and atmospheric impression by using mood lights? In this case, Artecta offers reliable and durable solutions that you can use in combination with functional lighting to give an architectural finishing touch. Think of LED strips and associated accessories (profiles, cables and connectors).

Mood lighting can provide a variety of mood impressions, from calming and relaxing to colourful and vibrant. In addition, Artecta mood lighting is widely applicable in almost any location thanks to their sleek and compact designs. We therefore have suitable profiles for LED strip solutions that contribute greatly to the look & feel of your space. This is not only due to their sleek and timeless design. They are also equipped with a diffuse milky-white cap, so that you are not blinded by the output of the LEDs. Finally, the profiles are made of aluminum, so that the heat is safely dissipated. Our extensive range of LED strips offers various solutions for both outdoor and indoor locations and can be controlled both manually and via DMX. Do you want a Warm White or colourful RGB (A) LED strip? You will find them at Highlite in various light intensities and with different options.

Highlite is very innovative when it comes to LED solutions. LED technology is now at a level that we are perfectly able to simulate the traditional Neon effect. You can benefit from this with the arrival of the Neon Flex Light. Other innovative Artecta products are Strip Light Strings. These are perfect for signage or mood lighting in interiors.

Interested in one of our mood lighting solutions? Contact us now for free advice and receive an offer you cannot refuse. Or check our product pages for more information and find a dealer near you.