Controlli luce

Depending on application and venue you want to make sure that lights can be managed and steered according to its specific needs. This ranges from very basic on/off switching and dimming of a couple of fixtures in a pub to full fletched programming and execution capabilities of multi-universe light shows at festivals. Showtec and Infinity provide tools and solutions for all those needs.

Switches and switch & relay packs as well as dimmer packs and LED dimmers are easy-to-use solutions for your basic needs and still can offer nice functionalities thanks to automatic programs and DMX steering.

If you are looking for more control options and simple handling, our DMX chasers and powered chasers are the tools you should look in to. Specifically for LED fixtures we offer LED Controllers in our Operator and Commander series, which are great for mobile DJs and entertainers.

Then of course there are those light controllers and software solutions that will allow you to create and execute your own lightshows from start to finish. For these purposes we offer a variety of fader desks and software controllers that will enable novices and professional light engineers alike, to do just that. And to facilitate all requirements in the DMX area like signal boosting, converting and wifi-control, we keep DMX gear accessories as well as wireless DMX solutions in stock.