Accessori per stage


Choosing the right stage accessories is the basis for building solid stages in a professional manner. We can provide you with the right tools to do this quickly and safely. At Highlite, we have put the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years into our products so that you can benefit from them. Here you will find stage parts, stage legs and handrails in all sizes, stylish barrier posts, strong Nichiban and Showgear tapes, reliable roady tools and cable bridges.

All Highlite stage accessories are now part of our Showgear brand (formerly DAP and Showtec). Showgear is now the umbrella brand for all of our stage essentials, including trusses, rigging equipment and backdrops. Our products support a professional experience for your crew, customers and performing artists.

Are you interested in stage accessories? Contact us now for advice–no strings attached–and receive an offer you cannot refuse. Or check our product pages for more information and find a dealer near you.